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Fidell Woods goes to a school at least once a week, and gives at least 10 free haircuts to young men. The condition of his generosity is they have to read to him while he cuts their hair. Courtesy of USA Today.
Raoul Peck, director of 'I am not your negro' movie speaks about the importance of his new movie. HLN's Michaela Pereira reports. Courtesy of CNN.
Check out the top plays from an amazing Super Bowl 51. Courtesy of NFL Network.
At its roots, hip-hop is about telling stories, and the Dubai-based group The Recipe has found a style of storytelling all its own. Originally formed with 14 artists as a compilation project, the group is now three members strong and has become a force in Dubai’s emerging hip-hop scene. Today, rappers Perfect Storm, Swerte and [...]
Ballet prodigy, author and star of the Under Armour commercials, Misty Copeland, was just named one of Time's "100 Most Influential People." She told us the secret to how dancers maintain their long, lean look. Courtesy of Business Insider.
Courtesy of Complex News.
Prince has forty top singles all on his own, but he also wrote and produced songs with everyone from the Bangles to Sinead O'Connor to Sheila E. Courtesy of CNN.
Courtesy of Because of Them We Can.
Late Night writer Amber Ruffin reads between the lines of President Trump's widely criticized Black History Month speech to explain what he really meant. Courtesy of Late Night with Seth Meyers.
Charles Barkley has been one of LeBron James’ most vocal critics over the last few years. The TNT analyst has criticized LeBron over and over and over again. And most recently, the NBA Hall of Famer used his platform to send shots in LeBron’s direction after he publicly called for the Cavaliers to add a [...]

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