Janelle Monáe – Django Jane [Official Music Video] "Django Jane" Video Credits: Director: Andrew Donoho Co-Director: Chuck Lightning Producer: Ian Blair DP: Nicholas Wiesnet Production Designer: Tyler Jensen Choreographer: Jemel McWilliams Additional Footage (Vagina Monologue) Directed by: Lacey Duke Concept by: Chuck Lightning, Nate Wonder and Andrew Donoho Production Company: Diktator
Chappelle's Show - Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories - Rick James. Pt. 2 [Uncensored] Rick James wouldn't be so rude as to grind his feet into Eddie Murphy's couch -- but yeah, he remembers doing it.
How Snoop Dogg Escaped Death Row Without A Scratch | Death Row Chronicles We reveal the truth of how Snoop Dogg finally got released from his contract.
Black Panther sets records across Africa Black Panther sets records across Africa
Inside Terry Crews' LA Man Cave | Celebrity Homes Terry Crews welcomes Architectural Digest into his “office”, his “fortress of solitude”, his man cave, his home away from home in LA.
CEO Wants Airbnb to 'Strengthen Neighborhoods' Airbnb is dispatching inspectors to rate some of the properties listed on its home-rental service in an effort to reassure travelers they're booking nice places to stay.
Black Panther | On-set visit with Winston Duke "M'Baku" Black Panther sets records across Africa
History Won’t Forget How Obama Was Treated Fascist. Communist. Socialist. Racist. These are just a few of the things President Obama has been called by conservatives since he took office in 2008. It's curious how he survived eight years of this, and history isn't going to forget it.
A short history of athletes speaking out about politics While LeBron James is the most recent example of an athlete speaking out about politics, it's far from the first time it has occurred.
'Black Panther' Premiere Red Carpet: What Marvel Super Hero's Power Would You The Hollywood Reporter was at the 'Black Panther' premiere and we took to the red carpet to ask casts members and guests what Marvel super hero power they wish they could have!

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